Owen Corning PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation R-14

Owen Corning PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation R-14

Product Code: 04010127

SAVE MONEY, SAVE ENERGY, HELP SAVE THE PLANET.* Insulate your basement or crawlspace walls with PINK FIBERGLAS® Batts–Canada's No.1 insulation. Remember, the greater the R-Value, the greater the insulating power. And not only will you save money, but you will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your home. Enjoy the comfort and savings of PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation in your home, while helping save the planet! PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation contains over 70% recycled content,** making us the industry leader in the employment of recycled materials. Even our packaging is recyclable! Plus, PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation is GREENGUARD Certified to meet stringent indoor air quality standards. PINK FIBERGLAS® Insulation friction fit batts are easy to install and available in a full range of R-values, R-12 through R-40, offering you outstanding thermal and noise control solutions for every project in your home.

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