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Gift cards

A gift you can build on

Every gift says "I'm thinking of you."

A Castle gift card says even more.

A Castle gift card speaks to the future. To dreams. To projects yet undone. Repair. Replace. Renew. Everything's possible with a Castle gift card.

Visit us today. It's the perfect wedding, birthday, graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day gift - for anyone, any time. 

You supply the dream. We supply the card.


Castle consumer and commercial credit cardContractors & consumers - Put your project on a Castle credit card. It's easy!

The Castle Card allows us to provide deferred financing and purchase rewards as a benefit to our customers who choose to use it. Financing is available for both contractors and consumers. The application process is fast and easy with credit decisions rendered nearly instantly.
Print out the form below and apply in-store today.

Financing Options


We offer in-house financing to qualified customers. Accounts are due in full the 15th of month following purchase. Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge of 2% per month (26.8% per year) and Akins-Brewer retains title to all goods received until payment is made in full. Account applications must be filled out in full to be considered for a house account. Applications that are not filled out completely will be returned to the applicant asking for more information before an account can be opened which can delay processing significantly.
Find our house account application here.

Cash Account

Repeat customers who prefer to pay up front for their purchases may find setting up a cash account with us beneficial. Having all of your information on file with us allows us to better track your purchases, thus simplifying any returns processing and may even enable you to receive preferred pricing depending on your purchase levels with us.

Credit card application form

Apply for credit today! It's easy.
Simply print out the Application Form (click here to download PDF).

Complete the form and bring it  to the store. Your information will be kept confidential.

Please print clearly. An incomplete form could result in the application being declined.