Wish ListCreate a Wish List

You can easily create a Wish List using our online catalogue.

Print your Wish List and bring it with you on your next visit to our store, or just use it as an online scratch pad for future reference.

How to Add Products to your Wish List

STEP 1: Just create a free account in our online catalogue or login if you already have one. Click Here for both options.

STEP 2: Browse or search the catalogue. To add a product to your Wish List, click the product name to go to its Detail Page, then click "Add to Wish List."

That's it!

How to View your Wish List

STEP 1: Go to the online catalogue and click "My Account / Order Status" - this will display your account options. (It will prompt you to login if you aren't already.)

STEP 2: Click the "View my Wish List" link.

Now you can print your Wish List page to take with you to the store. Or you can remove selected or all products from the list and start fresh.

Enjoy the Wish List feature!